Drum Chime Tongs

Drum chime tongs are for handling drums in the upright or vertical position. They will handle all drums, with or without heads, (closed or open) from eighteen to twenty four inches in diameter inclusive. In operation, the lifting is done entirely by placing a powerful grip on the drum chime or rim. A chime depth of one-half inch is all that is required for a positive grip. The jaws will open and take all chimes up to one inch in thickness.

They are light, fast and are easily operated with one hand. The sliding jaws provide instant adjustment to the various drum diameters. The lifting arms are self equalizing and both have the same positive grip. The holding power is not affected by oily or greasy surfaces. The jaws will not kink or damage the drum in any manner. The tong will not squeeze in nor crush open top drums.

With these tong, drums may be moved into and out of storage in an upright position, and stacked in tiers to any height. A drum can be lifted out of a tier without moving or disturbing the surrounding drums. Open drums can be handled without spilling the contents.

The heavier model is suitable for handling drums containing parts, castings, etc., up to one ton in weight.

Downs Item # 245 Downs Item # 245-SR
Downs Item # 245 Downs Item # 245-SR
Capacity Drum Dias. Jaw
Min. Max.
245 750 LBS 16" 24" 1" 16" 22
245-SR* 750 16 24 1 16 29
246 2,000 18 24 1 20 28
246-SR* 2,000 18 24 1 20 37

SR designates spark resistant. The tong arms are made from a high strength bronze while the pins and other components are made from stainless steel and or electroplated materials.

The sizes and capacities listed above are a reference to the most common sizes of this equipment. If you have a different capacity, irregular size or some other need that must be met by our equipment, we will be happy to design one of these pieces of equipment to meet your special needs while also meeting or exceeding our interpretation of the appropriate ANSI / ASME. standards.

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