Geared Drum and Barrel Tilters

May be suspended form an overhead hoist to tilt, turn and hold drums in position for emptying. The totally enclosed worm and miter gear unit will turn the heaviest drums with a minimum of effort. Head of drum may be rotated from the vertical position through 135 degrees which is sufficient for most dumping and draining operations.

Hooks are easily and quickly attached to the drum which may be in either vertical or horizontal position.

Item # 205-1 and # 205-3 are furnished with a handwheel for use when the tilting operation is within reach of the operator.

Item # 205-2 and # 205-4 are provided with a chain pocket wheel, chain guide and 12 feet of hand chain for remote control of the dumping operation.

Downs Item # 205-1 Downs Item # 205-4
Downs Item # 205-1 Downs Item # 205-4
Capacity Drum Lengths. Operation Hook Type Weight
Min. Max
205-1 1,000 LBS 24 38 Handwheel Counter Hook 176
205-2 1,000 24 38 Hand Chain Counter Hook 176
205-3 1,000 24 38 Handwheel Barrel Hook 185
205-4 1,000 24 38 Hand Chain Barrel Hook 200

The counter hook is the hook shown on the 205-1. It clamps securely on the chime of barrel and allows for a vertical lift of the drum. The barrel hook arrangement will not allow for a vertical lift of the drum because the chain is not forced over the center of the drum.

The sizes and capacities listed above are a reference to the most common sizes of this equipment. If you have a different capacity, irregular size or some other need that must be met by our equipment, we will be happy to design one of these pieces of equipment to meet your special needs while also meeting or exceeding our interpretation of the appropriate ANSI / ASME. standards.

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