Downs Item # 11118 Pallet Pulling Tongs

Downs PAL-A-TONG is an extremely useful device for use anywhere that pallets must be moved from tight spots or places where either a pallet hook or fork truck are inaccessible.  The PAL-A-TONG is very popular for pulling fully loaded pallets from enclosed truck trailers.  Special tempered steel jaws allow the PAL-A-TONG to grab any standard 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 pallet stringer or block.  Simply attach the PAL-A-TONG to any fork truck or winch and pull. A special spring has been provided to hold the tong in place even when the towline is slack, for easy one man operation.

Pallet Pulling Tong

This is not a lifting tong.  It is only to be used as a device for skidding pallets along the ground.  It has no rating for pulling, because in all of our tests, it was stronger than the wood it was holding onto and thus the wood would be the limiting factor in how much the tong could pull.

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