Spreaders, Concentrators and Other Lifting Beams

Due to time constraints, this page is still under construction, and will only provide a list of some our most common Spreaders, Concentrators and other Lifting Beams and a few images. Series 97 Spreader now has links and additional pdf file has been added.


Series 96 Spreader Beam

Series 97 Spreader Beam


Downs Item #96-100-10 Spreader Beam


Downs Item #97-100-10 Spreader Beam



Key Benefits

Ground Mild Steel Eye
Beveled Ends
[Bullet] Large Diameter Twin Hooks

Key Benefits

Ground Mild Steel Eye
Beveled Ends & Lateral Stiffeners
[Bullet] Oversized Swivel Hooks
Series 97A Adjustable Hook Loose Hook

Spreader Beam

Examples of how we modify our standard items for your needs

PDF file of modified standard spreader configurations.

Link to PDF Line Art

PDF file with line art of standard spreader configurations.


Series 97A Adjustable Loose Hook Spreader Beam

Series 97SH Shackle Plate Adjustable Loose Hook Spreader Beam

Series 97AE Adjustable Eye Loose Hook Spreader Beam

Series 98 Shackle Plate Spreader Beam (Construction Style)

Series 99 "S" Hook Adjustable Spreader Beam

Series 100 Scallop Locking Adjustable Spreader Beam

Series 101 Trunnion Bale Spreader Beam

Series 102 Compression (Bridle) Style Spreader Beam

Series 103 Four Point In-Line Equalizing Spreader Beam

Series 104 Four Point "H" Pattern (Two Way) Spreader Beam

Series 105 Rigid Frame Spreader Beam

Series 106 Load Equalizing Multi-Reeved Spreader Beam

Series 107 Concentrator Beam

Series 108 Low Headroom Concentrator Beam

Series 112 Pin Adjustable Concentrator Beam

Series 201 Adjustable Drum Spreader

Series 248 Drum Chime Spreader

Series 203 Adjustable Tank Spreader

Series 207 Chlorine Tank Spreader

Series 208 Low Headroom Chlorine Tank Spreader

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