About Downs Crane & Hoist Company

Designers and manufacturers of hoisting, rigging and lifting machinery since 1922. We have designed successful equipment to handle weights from a few pounds up to loads exceeding 1500 TONS per lift.

Items in regular demand are carried in stock for immediate shipment. We also maintain large stocks of rough and semi-finished parts from which we can quickly assemble equipment to meet those special or unusual conditions which are constantly arising in this field.

Cranes and hoists may be purchased complete, ready for operation.

Crane and hoist parts and fittings may be purchased separately; the purchaser to furnish his own design and structural material for completing the equipment.

Tong, grabs, spreader beams and hooks - We have standard designs for most applications in industry today. Nearly any standard design may be modified to your unique requirements. Lifters may be equipped with full automatic latches, or supplied power operated. When inquiring specify capacity desired.

We have engineering and shop facilities for special machine design, heavy machine work, weldments and plate work.

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Designers and manufactures of "Below the Hook" material handling equipment.