Material Handling Definitions

ASME B30-20-1999 definitions from ASME B30 Section 20-0.2 and Section 20-0.3


Designated load
The specified size, shape, and weight of material to be lifted.
Designated person
A person selected or assigned by the employer or the employer's representative as being competent to perform specific duties.
Normal operating conditions
Conditions during which a lifter is performing functions within the scope of the original design.
Qualified person
A person who, by possession of a recognized degree in an applicable field or certificate of professional standing, or who, by extensive knowledge, training, and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter and work.
Rated load
The maximum load for which the equipment is designated by the manufacturer.
Service, heavy
That service, which involves operation within the rated load limit that exceeds normal service.
Service, normal
That distributed service, which involves operation with various weights within the rated load limit, or uniform loads less than 65% of rated load.
Service, severe
That service, which involves normal or heavy service with abnormal operating conditions.

Types of Lifters

Friction-type pressure gripping lifters
Lifters that grip the load without significant or harmful permanent deformation of the load surface. (ie Series 498 pipe tongs)
Indentation-type pressure gripping lifters
Lifters that carry the load by applying force to indent the sides of the load. (ie Spur pad box hooks)
Manipulating Lifter
A lifter that rotates the load about one or more axes during the lifting process. (ie Drum turner)
Mechanical lifting device
A mechanism composed of two or more rigid parts, which move with respect to each other for attaching a load to a hoisting device. (ie Paper roll grab)
Structural lifting device
A lifter consisting of an assembly of rigid parts designed to hold and attach a load to a hoisting device. (ie Series 97 spreader beam)
Supporting lifter
A lifter that carries the load on rigid projection(s) or bearing surface(s). (ie Series 551 sheet lifter)

Lifter Mechanisms

Chain/hand wheel
A device for manually operating a lifter.
Grip ratio
The ratio of the sum of horizontal forces on one side of the load to the live weight of the load.
Gripping force
The force the lifting device exerts on the load.
A device for holding a lifter in the open or closed position.
Latch, automatic
A sequencing latch mechanism operated by lifter motion.

Other Terms Necessary not explicitly defined in ASME B30 Section 20-0


Qualified Operator
A qualified operator is a person who meets and or uses all the specifications explained in ASME B30 Section 20-1.6. The person shall be properly trained in all aspects of the lifting device and the the load that is to be lifted. The operator shall be fit to perform the lift. The operator shall only use properly operating equipment and only use it in a manner it was intend to be used and only for materials it was to be used upon. When the lift is completed, the operator shall store the lifter in safe assigned location.

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