Downs Spur Pad Box Tongs

These box tongs are suitable for handling boxes, crates, kegs, bales, etc. The spur pad will swing and are self adjusting for full contact on the load with the arms in any position. Additional holes are provided in the tong arms for adjusting the reach and for controlling the gripping pressure exerted on the load.

These tongs have large pressure pad to distribute the clamping load over a large area. The heat treated turned steel spurs are easily replaced when damaged or worn.

Item Number Capacity Nominal Reach Weight
Minimum Maximum
415-2.5-36 250 lbs 12" 36" 18 lbs
415-5-24 500 4 24 20
415-10-24 1,000 8 24 24
415-10-30 1,000 20 30 28
341 Replacemnet Spurs 0.2
Dimensions given are in round numbers. We reserve the right to make changes to our designs at any time that may not be reflected in the table. Please ask for a Certified Dimension Print for current dimensions.

Note:The chain slings listed in table must meet or exceed all existing OSHA, ANSI, NACM and ASTM specifications requirements. All Grade 100 chain slings listed above are rated at a horizontal angle of 45°. If Grade 80 is used, check with sling manufacturer for appropriate horizontal angle.

The sizes and capacities listed above are a reference to the most common sizes of this equipment. If you have a different capacity, irregular size or some other need that must be met by our equipment, we will be happy to design one of these pieces of equipment to meet your special needs while also meeting or exceeding our interpretation of the appropriate ANSI / ASME. standards.

Improper use of lifting equipment may cause serious injury or death.
Only a Qualified Operator, as defined by the ASME B30.20 Standards, shall operate equipment.
Read and understand General Warnings before operating equipment.

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