Series 494 Billet Tongs

These tongs are ideal for handling metal billets. The pad either indents with replaceable grips or machined grooves in the pad or the pad lifts by friction. The pads are mounted on trunnions so that the material may be rotated from horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal. The compound link system allows for a slight range may be lifted by these tongs. In order for a trunnion to work, it must be inline. As a tong arm rotates, it is only inline at one diameter. By using this compound linkage the trunnion remain in a near inline position and allowing the pads to rotate. These tongs are supplied with a semi-automatic latch which requires an operator to latch the tong to disengage the billet.

Other pad arrangements are available.

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Automatic Ingot Tong Illustration

Series 494 Billet Tong
with replaceable grips

Series 494 Billet Tong Illustration


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