End Drive Pallet Grab

Downs End Drive Pallet Grab.

DOWNS End Drive Pallet Lifting Grabs add extra versatility to the handling of pallets. End Drive Pallet Lifting Grabs are engineered to handle a wide range of pallet widths using a single grab, giving them a distinct advantage over hooks where the sizes of pallets are varied or irregular. Their ability to be adjusted over a wide range also makes them excellent for handl1ng boxes, cartons, lumber, sheets, and billets. Low headroom design and narrow aisle back-out requirements, allow the grab to be used even in the tightest of quarters, offering a better utilization of space. Rugged construction and low tare weight allows for the maximum efficiency for each crane and easy operation by personnel. End Drive allows for opening and closing without reaching over pallet.

The sizes and capacities listed above are a reference to the most common sizes of this equipment. If you have a different capacity, irregular size or some other need that must be met by our equipment, we will be happy to design one of these pieces of equipment to meet your special needs while also meeting or exceeding our interpretation of the appropriate ANSI / ASME. standards.

Improper use of lifting equipment may cause serious injury or death.
Only a Qualified Operator, as defined by the ASME B30.20 Standards, shall operate equipment.
Read and understand General Warnings before operating equipment.

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