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get paid to write articles at home with amazondowns plate grips are for handling all types of steel sheet, plate. etc. or any material that can be properly inserted in the jaw opening. they are designed to handle get paid to write articles at home with amazon at a time. placing more than one sheet or one plate in at one time will result in the grip not effectively holding the load, which will lead to plates or sheet dropping.

all sizes exert a strong positive grip. material may be handled in the vertical position, or turned from the horizontal to the vertical or from the vertical to the horizontal position with complete ease. the jaws are smooth and will not damage or mar the surface of the material. the grips are easily applied and released by one man. in the larger sizes, provision has been made for locking the cam open to facilitate placing the grip on the material.

with long sheet or plate, two or more grips should be used on a spreader beam to prevent the material from bending of its own weight.

item number capacity for plate
382 1,000 lbs 0" to 3/8" 7/16" 14 lbs
383 5,000 0" to 3/4" 13/16 30
393 6,000 0" to 1" 1 1/8 50
384 9,000 0" to 1 1/2" 1 5/8 84
385 16,000 0" to 2" 2 1/8 153
389 20,000 2" to 4" 4 1/8 398
390 20,000 4" to 6" 6 1/8 465
dimensions given are in round numbers. we reserve the right to make changes to our designs at any time that may not be reflected in the table. please ask for a certified dimension print for current dimensions.

the sizes and capacities listed above are a reference to the most common sizes of this equipment. if you have a different capacity, irregular size or some other need that must be met by our equipment, we will be happy to design one of these pieces of equipment to meet your special needs while also meeting or exceeding our interpretation of the appropriate ansi / asme. standards.

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