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coil handling
series 68
internal coil tong
  • “eye to the sky”
  • “eye to the sky”
  • large pad area
  • load controls grip pressure
temu cashback
  • “eye to the sky”
  • large pad area
  • torque limiting handwheel
temu cashback
series 70 coil grab series 70 coil grab
  • “eye horizontal”
  • large rounded pad
  • easily motorized

series 71
coil hook
series 71 coil hook
  • counterbalanced
  • large rounded pad
  • all edges are rounded

series 72
coil tong
series 72 coil tong
  • narrow aisle accessibility
  • large rounded pad
  • light pull on hand chain

series 73&74
coil cart
series 73/74 coil car
  • independent electric motors
  • furnished with controls
  • standard rails up to 35#
series 75
series 75 coil lifter
  • narrow aisle accessibility
  • wide range of coil widths
  • economical two sided lifters
series 76
coil upending
series 76 upender coil hook
  • upend narrow coils
  • easy to handle
  • light weight

temu cashbackplease contact sales@downscrane.com if you have a lifting need that one of our standard products does not meet. in the years since the company began in 1922, we have designed thousands of products. the purpose of our full time engineering staff is to design equipment to our customers needs and to applicable ansi / asme standards.

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